Taiwan encourages everyone to submit papers.
Registration fee is free for all participants; welcome to register as soon as possible!

The 17th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness (APCG) will be held as a hybrid format, providing physically conference in Taipei and virtual conference online.

Registration is required for all persons attending the 17th APCG Conference. For each paper/poster, the first author should complete the registration on
April 15, 2022 at the latest (Deadline for abstract submission).
Co-authors, convenors, and participants should complete the registration on
May 31, 
2022 at the latest. The registration fees will be supported by the K–12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan).
Please note that by attending the 17th APCG, you have consented to photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, web casts, promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on websites, social media, or any other purpose by the 17th APCG.

Date Registration
January 10, 2022 Registration Open
April 15, 2022 Registration Deadline for Presenters (First author)
May 31, 2022 Regular Registration Deadline (Co-authors, convenors, and participants)
July 7-10, 2022 Conference Period